Our Guarantee

We’re confident our constantly refreshed data from thousands of private resources will provide you with an accurate up-to-date address for the individual you are searching for that we fail we will re-issue you up to 3 access codes to search again.

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Since our data is constantly updated; waiting a week or two between searches will render an accurate location trace.  Rarely do people need to take advantage of our re-search guarantee.  If for some reason you aren’t getting an accurate result it is most likely because the person just moved and our data needs to be refreshed to show the new address.  In most cases our database will show the new address in 2 to 3 weeks from move date.

Our guarantee is limited to additional access codes and not to a refund.  Our system uses data from private sources which we are charged an access fee each time a search is preformed; which is why we can’t issue refunds on purchases.  Our fair guarantee is limited to additional searches and not to a money refund.  However, we’re also very confident in our ability to find people which is why our guarantee provides you with confidence that we will allow you multiple searches without incurring additional charges.

NOTICE: Our guarantee is limited to a re-issue of access codes and not to a refund.  Re-issued codes can only be used on the same person.

The Find People 24/7 site is not responsible for human error or typos.  Please double check your information before submitting your reports.  To preform a search you must have the Date of Birth or Social Security Number for the person being searched.  The more information you have the better.