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Our Privacy Policy:

We never sell your information to any 3rd parties or businesses.

We won’t use email addresses, mailing addresses or other contact information for the purpose of marketing.  Email addresses are used for report delivery, confirmations, and/or customer support.

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Because your information is never released publicly; you can search with confidence knowing that your information is confidential.
One way data access:  The information delivered to this site is one only.  Meaning that the person being searched is not aware of the search and has no way to determine who or if anyone is searching for them.

PRIVACY DISCLAIMER:  By using this site you are agreeing that the information will not be used for Criminal, Unethical, Stocking, Harassment, or Illegal purposes.  Such actions are prohibited by law and will be punishable to the fullest extent of the law.

The website reserves the right to update or modify this policy.  The most recent update will be located on this page and can be accessed at any time.